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15/05/2012 - No Comments!

here is a poem of mine.

see. I told you would be better with posting. here is a newer piece I wanted to share.

(window ledges)

That summer I bussed it

City to valley and back

Each day

Stones grew in my heart

And fingers tensed along window ledges


I cried as

The valley remained dry

Those days

Spit in spurts between fatigue and fairy tales

Novels at novellas


Between lines

So much said turned out wrong


I could not tell

Where the river and road met

Nor handle tiny hands peeled with thirst,

The tearing away of love

Walking out of doors

It smelled


Of creaking agony

That summer where

Every stone between bus and home

Grew in my heart and stuck between toes


I could not stay or goodbye

Did not know real from fiction


I hugged and whispered them

It is not over yet

Look over the mountaintop

I will be back



11/05/2012 - No Comments!

Let’s Celebrate APIA Month, shall we?

Hey, Good Peoples.

It's been about two months since posting something. And now I commit to being better about using this whole social media thing from here on in.

I'll be performing tomorrow at 1PM Brooklyn Children's Museum. Part of the APIA Month celebration. All ages welcome. I'll be sharing songs, words, and language lessons for the little ones (and not so little ones) for when I get into Tagalog and Spanish text. Brooklyn Children's Museum, 145 Brooklyn Avenue (at St. Marks Avenue), Brooklyn, NY 11213.